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Fuel Automation Solution

PJ Petroleum Equipment Limited offers a complete one stop management package for fuel stations. The fuel automation solution manages all the operations of a fuel station, with the inclusion of site and back office controls. The package is directed at storage controls, dispensing controls and monitoring controls.

The system is customer friendly and is tailored in accordance with the needs of a customer; it allows integration with remote online access.

The end to end automation solution is known for boosting efficiency, productivity and profitability. It is a comprehensive management solution for the fuel stations.

The package offers:-

  • Back office controls. The system manages all the activities within a fuelling station such as inventory management, attendant’s management, allocating shifts and managing the transactions.
  • Payment solutions. The system manages the POS, with a capability of linking up to the loyalty schemes and operations of a convenient store.
  • Fuel and tank Management, this is managing the movement of fuel and in alerting the back office on the re-order levels.
  • Forecourt management, for controlling payment terminals, dispensers and other digitized devices.
  • Advancing on the Customer loyalty and solutions

Benefits of the fuel automation solution are:

  • The end to end automation solution is known for boosting efficiency, productivity and profitability.
  • Minimizing accounting and management expenses
  • Enhances centralized monitoring and control center
  • Tailor made solution for small, medium and large organizations
  • Enhances safety in handling solid cash, with the introduction of cashless modes of payments
  • Allows the organization to have better safety standards with the minimized efforts in troubleshooting.

Automation brings on board the art of mastering the business that you do, with the global changes, automation of the fuelling stations is inevitable. Our products are fast, reliable and customer oriented. Our intention is to boost the overall efficiency at the fuelling stations.

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